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Soothing postpartum herbal poultice. Steep in warm bath water for 2-5 minutes then gently press on perineum. Clean sachet with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly between uses. Herbal 100% Organic blend contains sea salt, oatmeal, yarrow, witch hazel, plantain, lavender, calendula flowers and rose petals Do not use on open wounds. External use only. Not intended to prevent or cure any disease.

Herbal Tea Poultice- Retail or Wholesale

SKU: 366615376135191
  • This product comes in a  3" x 5"x 2" plastic pouch and containes 5 herbal baths. Also included is a reusable sachet.


    Pour desired herb amount into sachet. allow to steep in warm- hot bath water for 2-5 min. Press gently on perineum, do not use the sachet to scrub. Do not reuse herbs. Do not use on open sores, or stiches. Wash with warm soapy water and let completely air dry after use

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