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Yoga at Home

We Strive for Love

We continuously strive to Love and Serve you. We are always looking to care for our patients in deeper ways. Your feedback is imperative! 

See what others are saying. 

Alynn S. 

"Dr. Suzanne changed my daughter's life. She is an amazing person and doctor. I recommend her to everyone!"

Lydia M. 

"Amazing supportive care. I started seeing Dr. Suzanne during my pregnancy for back/hip pain & for acupuncture treatment for my morning sickness. It worked!!! I was able to stop my morning sickness meds just by adding in acupuncture. Will definitely be a long-term client."

Diane B.

"Dr. Suzanne has helped my baby with his torticollis. We were on the route to a helmet, but thanks to Dr. Suzanne he has made great improvements! Our family is so grateful to her!"

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